What is breast milk jewelry? 

Breast milk jewelry is actual jewelry made from your own breast milk. The milk is preserved using a special powder and process and then turned into a stone using resin.

How long does it take to create my jewelry?

Update 1/18: We are now at 10-12 weeks for rings and necklaces and sometimes even less!

Important Update: 11/16: My jewelry setting supplier will be taking vacation the month of December. ANY ORDERS PLACED AFTER DECEMBER 1ST WILL NOT BE PROCESSED UNTIL MID JANUARY BY HER. This is something out of my control and my girl is the best so I don’t plan to use anyone else during that time and risk an inferior product. So, what that means for you all is, place orders by December 1st to stay within our current 8-10 week timeline. She will still be shipping out any during December placed before then. I will still be making jewelry when I receive the settings, and I will still be accepting milk. It really means that if you wait until after December 1st, all I will be able to do is preserve your milk and have your stone ready for when she makes your setting mid January. And she will likely have a long list waiting for her when she returns, so our typical production time will be pushed out to accommodate her workload then. I am currently unsure of what our production time will be for orders placed after December 1st! 

Most of the time, it takes about 8-10 weeks to create your jewelry. However, extenuating circumstances (ahem Covid) may cause a delay in production. We are currently at 10-12  weeks for rings and necklaces. I will do my best to keep the current production times posted on our social media sites, but please know I am making every effort to create a quality product as quickly as we can. Our settings are handmade for each customer, so it does take time to complete those as well.

How much milk do I need to send?

We only need 15mls to make your jewelry. Please do not send more than that.

How is every piece unique?

What if I have milk from more than one baby I want to use in my jewelry?

Each Mom's milk will be different. Depending on diet, time the milk was pumped, and many other factors will affect the color of your milk. Many Moms prefer to have their jewelry be as close to the color of their milk as possible. Others prefer their stone to be as white as possible. We can accommodate either of these preferences and even add a pearl shimmer if you would like!

Most often, moms choose to mix the milk prior to shipping it. Please do not send 15mls per child. Simply mix the milk and send 15mls total.

Sure! Milk does not have to be fresh. It can be 10 year old milk from the freezer as long as it does not have any mold growth. Mold will affect the integrity of your stone and we cannot use milk that has molded.

How do I ship my milk?

Can my milk be old?

When you place an order, we will send you very detailed instructions on how to ship your milk. It does not have to be kept cold, but it is important to keep it protected during the shipping process. Also, we ask you do not send the last of your milk to us. Shipping can be unpredictable and we do not want to risk you losing the last of your milk. If you have 15mls or less left, please email us and we will discuss what we can do to create your piece for you.

How should I care for my breast milk jewelry?

Can I return a ring if the size is wrong?

Because each piece is custom made for you specifically, we cannot accept returns. We recommend you go to a jewelry store and have them size your finger professionally before ordering.

The setting of your ring or necklace will be either sterling silver or gold filled. This is higher quality than gold or silver plated. The setting is handmade, in Texas, and made to last. You can care for this as you would any other gold filled or sterling silver piece of jewelry. The stone is made of resin. Resin is a durable material, but proper care is very important to ensure it stays in good condition. The biggest danger to your breast milk stone is harsh sunlight. Do not wear your jewelry to say, the beach, or during any other activity in which it would be exposed to harsh sunlight for a long period of time. There is a UV protectant in your stone, but it is designed to protect against normal sun exposure and not extreme conditions. Also, your jewelry is water resistant, but not waterproof. Do not wear your jewelry in the shower or pool. Do not clean with your rings on. You should take your jewelry off each night and store it in a dark environment. Do not clean your stone with any chemicals. 

How is Logan Grey Jewelry different?

Our rings and necklaces are made with gold filled and sterling silver settings. We think a stone as important as this one should be set only in something that is high-quality and meant to last. Our stones are created using the best of the best products and processes for preserving your milk and ensuring your jewelry will last. Should you have any issues with your jewelry, please email us at logangreyjewelry@gmail.com so that we can address any concerns. Please note that resin jewelry can form a very slight yellow tint over time; especially if it is exposed to the sun often and for long periods. This, and small air bubbles, are not defects or concerns. This is the nature of resin stones. However, if this occurs to an excessive extent, that would not be considered normal.

What if I need to cancel my order?

Due to the custom nature of our jewelry, we cannot accept cancellations or make exchanges. Each setting is ordered specifically for you upon your completed payment.

What if I want to change my order?

We can accept changes within the first 48 hours of ordering, but there will be a $30 charge to do so. After this, we cannot make further changes. 

What is Milestone Jewelry?

Milestone Jewelry is a unique collection created to celebrate those achievements related to journey of breastfeeding. This collection features five bracelets, made from Japanese glass beads and sterling silver charms. They include first feed, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, and 2 years. Also, we recognize each experience is different and we can accommodate personal milestone requests- though he production time will take a little longer. These bracelets are hand strung and approximately 7 inches. If you need a different size, please let us know.

What if I am located outside of the US?

We can ship worldwide! Shipping outside of the US is $25. Also, there may be customs fees when you receive your jewelry. We cannot guarntee what these will be and they are paid at your expense. Shipping milk to us can take awhile, as well as shipping your jewelry back to you. Your turnaround time may be longer than posted due to this. I get asked a lot if your milk will be okay in transit that long and yes- it is completely safe as long as it is packaged according to the directions. On customs forms when mailing it, I recommend labeling it as "breastmilk for jewelry making- not for consumption." Also, as with any of our customers, please do NOT send the last of any milk. Shipping is currently very volatile and though we have never had a case of a shipping mishap, it absolutely could happen with the state of the Postal Service right now.